LVIS awards college scholarships every May to deserving East Hampton High School seniors. The LVIS also awards the Madelon DeVoe Scholarship in November to two women who wish to return to a college undergraduate program.

You will download the application as a pdf that you can fill in and print or email to LVIS.  You will need Acrobat Reader.  Download the Reader from HERE

Download the LVIS Scholarship Application as a fill-able form Download the DeVoe Scholarship Application as a fill-able form





Scholarships: 2017

Almost $150,000 was awarded to East Hampton High School seniors by the LVIS Student Awards Committee at the June membership meeting. Three of the students received $10,000 and the majority received $8,000. Destinations of the recipients include Cornell University, Barnard College, George Washington University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bowdoin College, Seton Hall University, Marist College, and the University of Vermont. Areas of interest include computer science, finance, biology, neuroscience, public health, and international relations.

Front row (left to right): Danielle Futerman, Freddy Sanchez Charchipulla, Kate McGovern, Cecilia de Havenon (Dudley Roberts Award), Georgia Aldrich, Samantha Dossantos, Francesca Denaro, Jillian Czarnecki Back row (left to right): Andrew Wilson (Richard Ryan Award), Emma Foster, Olivia Suter (Jean Schnall Award), Jordan Foster, Phillipe Zablotsky, TJ Calabrese, Cybele Adamcewicz, Dylan Camacho Not pictured: Margaret Ryan, Marikate Ryan

Scholarships: 2016

Student Awards Chair Debbie Walter and her committee awarded seventeen scholarships to East Hampton High School seniors at the June membership meeting. Fourteen of them were for $8,000 and three (the named scholarships above) were for $10,000. Six of the winners are the first in their families to attend college. Destinations include Bowdoin University, University of South Carolina, University of Miami, Tulane University, Berkeley School of Music, High Point University, James Madison University, Georgetown, George Washington University and New York University. Areas of interest ranged from nursing and pre-med to political science, media culture, and architecture.

Front Row (left to right): Madison Gregg, Francesca Keogh-Clark (Richard Ryan Scholarship), Cecilia Blowe, McKenzie Frazier, Anna Piermont (Dudley Roberts Scholarship), and Mia Karlin-Capello. Back Row (left to right): Erin Nolan (Jean Schnall Award), Eitan Albukrek, Shane Moloney, Kevin Boles, Julian MacGurn, Ben Karlin, Yean Franco-Marin, and Nina Piacentine Not pictured: Alexandra Ebel, Dylan Lynch, and Alana Ellis

We also award books to younger students for summer reading and donate funds to the Author-in-Hand Program at the elementary school. In addition, adult women over twenty-five, planning to begin or return to college for a bachelor’s degree, can apply to win our Madelon deVoe Talley Scholarship. All of our student winners thank you in advance.