What We Do

Village Greens

Weekly care is given to the Greens at Town Pond, the nearby flagpole area, Hook Mill Memorial, and the North End Common.





We care for the 3300 trees along our village streets by working with the village on a feeding and pruning program. and keep careful watch over the elms (some a century old) on Main Street, around Town Pond and other village areas.



The Nature Trail

The LVIS is one of the guardians of a 24-acre village preserve known as the Nature Trail, which is a favorite spot for families to feed the many ducks who congregate there. Entered from Davids Lane, the trail runs through Huntting Lane to Fithian Lane. Our Nature Trail Committee continuously monitors the Trail’s paths and makes sure the winter fowl have food. In addition, we give significant financial support to an ongoing program to remove invasive material and restore native plants to the area. Read More


Student Scholarships & Book Awards

The LVIS gives several annual scholarships to high school seniors attending either four-year or two-year colleges. We also award one scholarship to a woman over 25 who are returning to higher education. In addition, we give book awards to students at each grade level of our school system. Read More


Memorial Trees and Plaques

Loved ones can be remembered with a new tree and brass plaque or by placing a plaque by an existing tree. The LVIS will purchase, and install and maintain what is chosen. Read More




Landmarks and Community Awareness

The LVIS works for the preservation of historic village properties and follows issues of concern to both the village and the town.





Main Street and Newtown Lane are lined with flags during the year to commemorate special holidays.