The Nature Trail

The rambling, natural wonder that is the 24 acre East Hampton Nature Trail, is a treasure belonging to East Hampton Village and a source of great delight to the LVIS and its fifteen-strong committee members — all devoted to its well-being.

INTERESTING FACTS: The Nature Trail is 24 Acres (23.92 to be exact). There are many benches, 25 little bridges and a shrine to St. Francis. It is best to stick to the paths to avoid the marshy areas.  The Nature Trail was once a beautiful private Japanese garden. It was open to the public in the 1940’s and given to the Village in 1951 by Mrs. Mary Woodhouse. Our resident waterfowl were introduced at this time.  The breeding/mating season begins in April and by late May you should start to see beautiful ducklings and cygnets. Our ducks do not migrate, so you can visit them year-round. Colorful ducks are males (drakes) & more subdued (brown) are females.

FEEDING: Human food is not good for the ducks (especially bagels and hamburger rolls).
Nutritional food like CRACKED CORN and POULTRY FEED is available at:
One Stop Pets – Amagansett Agway & Wild Bird Crossing-Bridgehampton

If these nourishing foods are not available to you, the following are better than bread:

Oats – uncooked (rolled or quick)
Any birdseed
Grapes – in half or chopped
Frozen peas or corn – defrost first
Rice – cooked or uncooked
Please be courteous in The Nature Trail and do not leave any foodstuff behind. Thank you.

LVIS Kiosk Poster-Nature Trail