LVIS House & Grounds


The LVIS House at 95 Main Street serves as our headquarters. In addition to offices, it houses our Thrift and Book Shops. The House, circa 1740, is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Our grounds are well-known as the site for our annual July Fair. In addition to the open spaces, there is a large walled Sunken Garden. We believe this feature, designed in a style dating from the 1920s, was originally built for a wedding. The garden consists of an oval of grass surrounded by a ring of daylilies, hostas, astilbes, Japanese iris, daffodils and other annuals and perennials. It is set against a backdrop of ferns and beautiful stone walls. At the north end is a stone water fountain rebuilt as a gift from the Garden Club of East Hampton to the LVIS. This space is available to the community for special events. Please call our office (631) 324-1220 for further information.

The Octagon Dollhouse

Noel Thomas of Seaview, Washington, was commissioned to build the Octagon House in 1980. This exotic example of the Revival Style of the 1800s stands 5’4″ high. Built at 1/12 scale, the House rests on a 43″ square landscaped base. Fully electrified, it is filled with miniature furnishings from the period. This museum-quality dollhouse was gifted to the LVIS for “safekeeping and public enjoyment” by Deborah Ann Light, an LVIS member. The Dollhouse is on view year-round in the lobby of the LVIS House at 95 Main Street. We add special decorations three times a year to help celebrate the holidays.